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 I'm the proud son of Mexican immigrants. 

Growing up in Colorado, I was the first of three siblings to earn a High School Diploma from Northridge High School in Greeley and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from the University of Northern Colorado in 2018. Beginning at the age of 15, I've worked hard to earn my way, and I personally know the effort and time it takes to obtain what you need and want. I experienced my childhood in a low-income household, which is why I understand the ramifications that laws and policies have on our everyday lives. congress representative

I believe the American Dream is alive and well. It's available to every person who seeks it.

House District 50 is full of real opportunity, and my parents showed me firsthand how blessed I am to live in our great country -- and to do better than they did. I believe in a strong America and a united people. Now, I want to give back to a country and a state and a city that has given to me. 


The biggest principle I live by is personal responsibility. After seeing the divisive and toxic political climate, I can no longer stand around and watch my state or my country destroy itself. For years, I've been involved with organizations that have deep roots to the community. 

Now, I'm facing forward to public service and choosing to work towards the best interests of my home community: House District 50 and ALL of her people.


I want to serve our people. The people of House District 50 are the people I've lived and worked with since I was 15 years old.

I want to make our country and state better. I've taken the time to learn and listen first -- working as a volunteer in my county, graduating from the Leadership Program of the Rockies (Class of 2021), completing an America First citizen training course, participating in Advance Colorado, and working closely to build the Colorado Hispanic Republicans.  

No one is too small, too young, or too poor to serve their community. I believe politicians need to start working for the people, not serving themselves. I'm tired of politicians who  don’t care about us -- only our vote. 

I will never sell the people of House District 50 out to special interests and lobbyists.

I'm a citizen leader. I will lead not only as the child of immigrants who has grown up in Greeley, but also as a member of a new generation and as a Hispanic man. Latinos should not be used as pawns for political gain. Instead, we can step forward and lead our communities for ALL the people -- and this is what I'm doing.


I am running because I know I can get the job done.

I am running so I can work for you, fight for you, represent you, and be your voice: a resilient voice who will not back down.


Every day, I will stand up to those who have tried to hurt our community, shut down our jobs, and take our safety away.

I will take the fight to them, and, together, we will win.

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