Economic Empowerment: Where we empower our people to thrive and prosper to create and produce new wealth, become independent for themselves and their families, and to truly experience what American exceptionalism really means. Focusing on Energy Independence with Oil and Gas, protecting our Agriculture and personal and property rights, and Standing with Small Business because it’s the spirit of entrepreneurship and local businesses that are the backbone to our country.

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Education: Ensuring our children receive education and not indoctrination, our resources are up to date, and our education system is competitive to allow for growth and children reach their full potential. We can do this though school choice and allow for not only charter schools, but alternative schools, private schools, and skill-based schools (vocational and trade). Eliminating common core and devolve education back to the states and putting an end to Critical Race Theory because no child of color should be taught that they aren’t good enough and that they will always be oppressed, because that is one of the biggest lies young children are being told. Remember, its principles and values that bring people together.

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Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Healthcare: Allowing for every single American to have access to quality and affordable care using a free-market approach which allows for choice and not a “one size fits all” approach. Our plan includes eliminating state lines, making HSAs more accessible, grant mental health care to those who desperately need it, and eliminating unnecessary regulation that impedes seeing the medical providers people need, while also driving down costs of healthcare through competition and producing our drugs here in the US.

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